By Cory Johnson | July 17, 2015

What is Stacking?

Stacking supplements is simply combining several different products to help achieve a desired goal at an accelerated rate: gain muscle mass, lose weight, detox the body, etc.

Why Utilize Stacking?

Stacking supplements is a great way to maximize your results and help you to break through any plateau you face on your health and fitness journey. By combining certain products that work synergistically together your results will be compounded and you can cover several bases at once – increased blood flow, improved energy, boosted testosterone levels, etc. Stacks also offer better value as they are usually offered at a discounted rate than if you were to buy all the products individually.

What Magnum Stacks to Try?

Magnum products have been formulated to work in unison with each other and thus we offer a variety of stacks depending on what your specific goals are. This month we are featuring the Magnum Powerhouse Stack which includes the following products: Volume, Rocket Science, Thrust and Mimic. Collectively this stack will provide the following benefits – increased blood for the ‘pump’ while you train, insane, tunnel like focus and energy during your workouts, increased testosterone levels, better recovery and outstanding sleeps as well as increased nutrient delivery and better carbohydrate utilization for improved recovery and minimizing fat storage.