Carne Diem(Fat Burner)


L-Canitine fat burner

Serving size: 4 capsules

Servings per Bottle: 24

Recommended Dose: (For adults) Take 2 capsules twice daily. 2 prior to training and 2 prior to sleeping.

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If you want to lose weight and build lean muscle, look no further than Magnum Carne Diem®.

This Magnum supplement is 100 percent pharmaceutical grade, so you’re only put the best quality ingredients into your body.
Magnum Carne Diem® is an optimized L-Carnitine fat burner that works to increase fat loss and enhance lean pumps.
By forcing muscles to favor fatty acid oxidation over glycogen, you can get the sculpted physique you want.

If you want a high-quality leaning out supplement, Carne Diem is the Magnum supplement of your dreams. This fitness supplement works by maximizing the uptake of L-carnitine into muscle tissue, while also reducing the urinary excretion of L-Carnitine. The result? Lean, pumped, and sculpted muscles.

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