Thrust(Hormone enhancing)



Serving size: 6 capsules

Servings per Bottle: 20

Recommended Dose: (For adults) Take 3 capsules prior to training and 3 before bed. On non-training days, take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 before bed.


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Introducing Magnum Thrust® from Magnum Supplements — a pharmaceutical-grade health supplement that will boost your testosterone levels.

Low levels of testosterone contribute to all sorts of health issues, such as low muscle and bone density, decreased energy, and a stifled sex drive — Magnum Thrust® re-balances your testosterone levels to combat these issues.
Magnum Thrust® is pharmaceutical-grade health supplement, so it includes only the highest grade of ingredients.
As Canada’s #1 Testosterone Booster, Magnum Thrust® contributes to lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, increased muscle strength, and better muscle mass.

Unlike other testosterone boosters that only use one or two individual mechanisms, Magnum Thrust® involves a multi-pathway growth and recovery agent. This means that Magnum Thrust® works harder, better, and faster to support your natural testosterone production.

Shop Magnum Thrust® and other Magnum supplements at Power Nutrition today.

20-capsule bottle


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